Aghosh Grammar School (Playgroup to Matriculation)

Introduction of Aghosh Grammar School

Vision Statement

Aghosh Grammar School (AGS) aims to develop social, ethical, spiritual and professional values into our students through academic activities, events and training sessions. We lay down foundation through pure practical environment and develop our students by fixing an eye on future needs and wants. We provide complete stream of all professions from Playgroup to M. Phil classes. Basic responsibly of AGS management is to convert raw students into well groomed, efficient, effective and productive citizens of Pakistan.

Mission Statement

Aghosh Grammar School (AGS) intends to provide quality education through researched curriculum, effective teaching skills, high quality academic resource material, regular evaluation, training sessions and continuous improvement. We aim to provide total quality management in academic as well as in administration.

Introduction of Aghosh Grammar School

Aghosh Grammar School was established by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in 2008. Initially it was named as Minhaj-ul-Quran Model School. In 2012 it was renamed as Minhaj Model School. In 2013 its name was again changed and since then its final name is Aghosh Grammar School. We believe in productivity and continuous improvement. Our academic department has been working day and night effectively and efficiently. We develop academic working days, academic activity calendar, schemes of works and lesson plans before commencement of each term for better future of your kids. We evaluate the school, classrooms, students and teachers according to the pre-developed checklists. We arrange training sessions according to these evaluation reports. Teachers of AGS are well educated and trained. Monthly meetings and training sessions are arranged according to the evaluation visits and suggestions reported by the parents on PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting) day.

Aghosh Grammar School

School Departments

There are two basic departments of our school. Names of these departments are as under:

  • AGS Junior Wing
    • Playgroup to Prep

AGS Junior Wing

  • Class 1 to Class 5
    Separate classes for boys & girls

AGS Junior Classes

  • Class 6 to Class 8
    Only girls

AGS Junior Classes

  • AGS Senior Wing
    • Class 6 to Class 10
      only boys

AGS Senior Wing AGS Senior Classes

Categories of the Students

Students of AGS are categorizedStudents of AGS are categorized in three major types:

  • Day scholars
    Students residing at homes and attending school in morning timing are called “Day Scholar” students.
  • Boarders
    Students residing in AGS hostel and attending school in morning timing (In AGS) & evening timing (In Aghosh Academy)
  • Aghosians
    Orphan kids residing in Aghosh Orphan Care Home are called Aghosian students. They also attend AGS school in morning timing and Aghosh Academy in evening timings.

Why to Join AGS?

Why to Join AGS?Aghosh Grammar School is an ideal educational institution. AGS team is composed of very energetic, productive, innovative, visionary and systematic professional human resources. Main features of AGS are:

  • Highly qualified and trained teaching staff
  • Vision oriented multi-storey building
  • Researched curriculum
  • Development of academic resource material
    • Academic working days
    • Academic activity calendar
    • Schemes of work
    • Daily lesson plans & unit plans
    • Teachers’ diaries & students’ diaries
    • Notebook checking policy
  • Daily & bimonthly examination system
  • Vast Cafeteria
    • Neat and clean environment
    • Availability of hygienic food items
  • 24/7 free dispensary
  • 24/7 free generator backup
  • In-house bookshop
  • Spacious mosque
  • Aghosh Hostel