Goals of Aghosh Grammar School (AGS)

  1. Aghosh is a typical version of a word “lap’’. It is an umbrella under which the student’s right from the grassroots level are tamed to be a industries and target oriented executive of the nation.
  2. Range of Aghosh staff member that of study facility and hostel have been fully dedicated to teach students decor & decorum of class room, manners of dining hall and a how to observe bed room etiquettes.
  3. Aghosh believes that to be a good citizen students must understand right from the remote initial stage of learning the concept of loyalty with Allah therefore Quran is taught as a subject both in English and Urdu language with their literal meaning. This stirs in students of Aghosh the concept of spiritualism.
  4. As it is well-known generality that without extracurricular activities human mind becomes dull and rusty. Aghosh being aware of this truth provides fair amount of ventures for students to participate in scouting, cricket and a like games to keep their mind healthy and thus body.
  5. Aghosh believes that human being are not a mechanical machine; but, are chemical orientated body. Thus, they are taught the art of trilingual way of conversation from vernacular to vernacular language to use the right word at the right time just the way to use the right person for the right job.