Exam Promotion Policy

The students must attain 50% marks in core subjects & 45% marks in no-core subjects for becoming eligible for promotion to the next higher class.

There will be no double promotion or promotion on conditional basis. The student who fails to meet the promotion policy will be detained. Warnings will be given to weak students during the bimonthly reports. Student’s progress or the lack of it will be discussed with the parents in the PTM. These warning will prepare the students for a detention in case no progress is made.

The Class Teacher shall enter the record of all Continuous Assessments, First Term, Second Term & Final Examination in her / his Teacher's Planner and Consolidated Result Statement on the prescribed Forms. It will contain:

  1. Continuous Assessment based on Class Work, Oral Work & Projects.
  2. Bimonthly Assessment Test Results
  3. First Term Examinations
  4. Second Term Examinations
  5. Final Examinations

The Consolidated Result at the end of the Academic year will decide:

  1. Recommendation for promotion
  2. Position in the class
  3. Academic prizes / certificates
  4. Subject prizes for every class (one only)
  5. Special certificate for social works.

Certificates of Honor (Merit / Excellence) will be awarded for:

  1. Attendance
  2. Extracurricular activities
  3. Progress in academics
  4. Conduct
  5. Crises management