Extra / Co-Curricular Activities

The Extra / Co- curricular activities bring about a positive change in the mental & physical development of a student and are considered as an essential part of well-groomed personality.

They build their self-confidence, nurture a sense of initiative, leads them to struggle & enjoy the sense of victory. At AGS the Extra / Co-curricular activities will be organized round the year & students will be encouraged to participate in inter-school competitions to bring fame to themselves & their institution. Some of the activities to be included in each academic calendar are stated below:

  1. Exhibitions of various student’s works
  2. Speech contests
  3. Poster competitions
  4. Essay writing
  5. Excursions & study tours
  6. Hand writing & calligraphy
  7. Dramas
  8. Poetry Competitions
  9. Reading competitions
  10. Qirat Competitions
  11. Naat Competitions
  12. Tableau competitions
  13. Singing & National Songs competitions
  14. Scouting activities
  15. Sports competitions